There is so much hidden potential and extraordinary talent that is unfortunately going undiscovered. There are museums all over the world. From here to Africa, Greece, China, Russia, Australia, Brazil. The list goes on. Remarkably, out of the entire collection of museums and galleries all over the world, Black artists account for only 1% of it. Merely 1% of the art in the entire world, since history as we know it!

      How can this be? We are the first people. The originators of the arts. Not to mention the influence we had over arts from cultures after us. The entire current fads and pop-culture crazes are the core of the modern Black man and woman. Yet we're not recognized as notable contributors. Nowhere in the world. Mainly because our art and culture were stolen and credited to the people who exploited and or oppressed them. 

     In effort to properly document and preserve black history, art, and culture, we advocate on the behalf of people of color. We ensure proper credit is given to artists and artisans alike. Their works will be documented in history via this site   where they will be published and put on virtual display and featured in online presentations of art. Many African-American Associations such as : Black Art Future Fund, Black Artists + Designers Guild. BrownArtInk is another that gives justice to color in the art world.. Also through a number of other channels such as African-American Art museums , exhibitions, and art exposes of African-American Art or the general public

We aim to bring value and recognition to the already, most influential Black artists of today.   

If you are an artist interested in the Artifakts program feel free to contact us.


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