A project put into play by Riley Oden, that allows indie artists to enter their artwork into exhibits, showcases and auctions. Most importantly get these artists exposure they need and retain the value they deserve. Too many artists go undiscovered, and often times when they are they aren't given the appreciation their art requires.  The art industry are like predators in the sense they buy low from freelance artists and then sell high to institutions or at art galleries. Here we intend to manage the artists and help establish a name as well as attain a higher value.

    In addition to assisting with the sale of the their product, we take a step further in establishing their online presence, we create portfolios of each artist. This allows the artists to not only display their works and projects, but also begin a timeline to show their transitions and growth. Everyone has a story. Rarely are they told. Even far more rarely are the stories behind artworks told either. Artifakts emphasizes the story of each piece. The story the piece tells in its illustration, the events in the artists personal life that inspired the piece, as well as the story of the artist as they progression of expression. 

     Although, we aim to reap monetary incentives for these artists, that is not our main objective with this project. Our main objective is to see that many of these artworks be featured in exhibits, contests. We are affiliated with a few Black movements and associations concerning young Black artists and artisans alike, and expect upon recognition, some will even be included in African-American museums and national exposes that support the influence of modern African-American art. We look forward to seeing young Black artists entered into these institutions. 

Note** Black Rollin Stones LLC, and its affiliates in no way, owns, nor sells the rights to any artwork. All Artwork presented to us is property of the creator and rights belong to them. We only provide artists with management of works and act as a broker FOR the artist between the seller. Do not submit artwork that you did not create or own rights to. Thank You.

If you are an artist interested in the Artifakts program feel free to contact us.


1870 The Exchange, Suite 200-44 Atlanta GA 30339

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