About Black Rollin Stones LLC

 We are self-publishing service, dedicated to empowerment of  minority-owned small business owners and entrepreneurs of color. Our publishing company, otherwise known as a creative collective of digital marketers, graphic designers, social media specialists, and branding experts, help small businesses and entrepreneurs establish their brands through digital marketing and social media campaigns. By implementing social media advertising and affiliate marketing programs, we go a step beyond traditional publishing. Your main objective is to Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Supported!


Our Founder

     Black Rollin Stones was founded by Riley Oden and Zhyllon Smith, in Dec of 2019. Originally it was established to be and independent record label for their group Black Rollin Stones. However, after the recent civil unrest and turmoil that has stricken our nation matters changed. Our desire was publish our music was overridden by our want to take action in some way against the deliberate disregard for "People of Color". In result, we changed our mission from publishing our works to those who may not be able to.

    We not only protect our  individual rights, but we pledge to protect the rights of people of color whom we grow with. We in no way, shape form, or fashion obtain the rights of others published or marketed. All constituents assume own individual rights, if any, only. Our goal is empower people of color through the advocation of creative black geniuses and assisting in registering intellectual property to establish their their rights. In addition to their liberation,. By allowing members to remain independent, encouraging entrepreneurialism . As we aid them in success with branding and marketing services. Our biggest objective ,is for all people of color to become successful entrepreneurs and business owners. 

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Proudly created by Riley Oden.

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